The Ultimate Guide to Mugshots on Slimming World


Since the first expose article, I wrote on Muller lights went down so well it got me thinking about other foods I’m eating on the slimming world plan that I take for granted as being “good & healthy” to eat because I’ve been given the green light by slimming world, and because of the weight I’ve lost; this isn’t always the case, and so this article was born!

I need to warn you, things could get ugly; are you ready for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? You are! Great, what you waiting for…

Noodle Mugshots; I’m going to share everything you need to know, what they are, what’s in them, if there healthy (or not?), how many you should be eating, I’ll even share with you the best places to buy them, no more ridiculously high prices; this is the ONLY ultimate guide to Mugshots!

Mugshot Range & Syn Values

As mentioned above there’s three arms to the Mugshot tree that come in a number of different flavours and syn values; the syns for each can be found below for all the slimming world plans (extra easy, red and green); in this article I’m only going to cover noodles; I’ll be going over pastas and couscous mugshots in a future post.

  • Spicy Sweet & Sour, 67g – Free, 12½, Free
  • Chinese Style, 54g – Free, 8, Free
  • Chicken & Sweetcorn, 54g – Free, 12½, Free
  • Thai Style, 55g – ½, 10½, ½
  • BBQ Beef, 56g – Free, 10½, Free
  • Peri-Peri, 56g – Free, 10½, Free

Slimming Worlds Stance on Mugshots

Before we look at mugshots themselves I think it’d be a good idea to point out what slimming worlds take on Mugshots are. It think its safe to say they love them going by the syn values most have been given; this might not be such a bad thing, we’ll talk more about that later though.

I know my SW leader and many others that I’ve seen have said nothing but good things about them, “grab a mugshot on the go” “fill up on mugshots”; reminds me of the old saying “Something that sounds too good to be true usually is”, that was the case with the mullers but will it be the same for Mugshots?

Are Mugshots healthy?

Good question, to which there’s many answers, and opinions; the best answer I can give you is…

Mugshots on a whole are not that bad, sure they’ve got a few things in them that isn’t the best, but nutritionally, when compared to something like a chocolate bar or some processed crap from the freezer their pretty good.

There’s gonna be plenty of people out there that want to scream at me for saying that; I’ll have the clean eaters yelling “Their bad, stay away from them, you shouldn’t eat them!“, and then I’ll have the carb’ haters giving me both barrels “There packed with carbs (well duh! There pasta & noodles!) and carbs are not good for you, you need paleo!

You know what I say to them all? “Thanks for your input & opinions, but excuse me when I ignore them!”

How many Mugshots can you eat a day?

One of the most popular questions I got about Muller Light yoghurts and it’s no different with these. Out of the whole range there’s only one Mugshot flavour that is particularly (shockingly) high in sugars, the culprit…spicy sweet and sour! That’s bloody typical isn’t it, that’s my favourite flavour! There is one other thing their exceptionally high in…carbohydrates, but that’s obvious right?

Honestly there’s no real easy answer to this question, and I don’t want to recommend anything to you that I wouldn’t do myself. I think eating two Mugshots would be ok to eat a day, I personally wouldn’t go above this unless they were being eaten as a main meal with meat & veg.

Just to show you what eating two mugshots look like, here’s a couple of scenario to illustrate it better.

If you were to eat two spicy sweet and sour noodles you’d be consuming,

  • 3.4g fat
  • 27.6g sugar
  • 107.8g carbohydrates
  • 11.6g protein
  • 1.16g salt
  • 522 calories

On the other hand if you were to eat two Chinese style noodles you’d be consuming,

  • 1.2g fat
  • 1.6g sugar
  • 64.4g carbohydrates
  • 13.2g protein
  • 1.26g salt
  • 322 calories

You can clearly see from that example there’s a noticeable difference between eating two different flavours, the main being sugar…26 grams worth, that’s a huge chunk of the daily recommended amount.

Ultimately it’s down to you how many you eat a day, just be realistic about it, I’ve just given you the all the information in it the simplest form to help you make a decision that’s right for you and your goals.

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