About Us

My name is Borche Mirchevski. I am a young man that was born in Macedonia but now living in Canada. My family and I are really into sport  and we never had a problem with our weight, except for my mother.

Ever since I can remember she was overweight with some health problems. She tried multiple diets that just had a jojo effect and she was devastated. It was really hard for me to watch my mother go through every diet that random people gave her and literally  starving herself to lose weight. One day I got up and saw my mother in the kitchen, sitting on the ground, crying because she ate a piece of cake.

That was the moment that I said enough is enough. I got on my computer and started researching how to lose weight with a lifestyle change instead of the typical diets. I tumbled upon things that I never knew about. My mom and I found the perfect mix of healthy eating habits that were going to fit in her day to day routine.  And the results were amazing , she started losing weight in the first 10 days. Ever since then she has lost about 16kg, her self-esteem is bigger than ever and she is always taking my sisters kids out on the playground ( something that she didn’t do before).

My mother’s journey was my inspiration to start a web site where people can find a mix of all of the up to date lifestyle changes to help them lose weight and get their life back on track.

Just remember that every person is different and something that may have worked for my mom doesn’t mean that it will work in the same way for you. You just have to find the perfect mix that suits your life and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!