All you need to know about SmartPoints

All you need to know about SmartPoints

Smart Points is a new plan that was introduced by Weight Watchers in the end of 2015. It helps people make better food choices and have a better relationship with food.

Whit this paln every food and drink is assigned a point value, calculated by using calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein. Foods higher in sugar of saturated fats are assigned higher point values than foods that have lean proteins. Most of the fruit and vegetables have zero points.

With SmartPoints, foods that are higher in sugar and/or saturated fat are higher in SmartPoints values.  Foods that are higher in lean protein are lower in SmartPoints values. You’re steered towards healthier choices.

  • Every food is assigned its own SmartPoints value — an easy-to-use number based on four components: caloriessaturated fatsugar, and protein.
  • Protein lowers the amount of SmartPoints values that something “costs.”
  • Sugar and saturated fat increase the SmartPoints values.

If you count SmartPoints, you eat anything you like – nothing is off the menu. Using a daily and weekly allowance gives you the freedom and flexibility to eat what you like and lose weight.

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