Walmart Shopping List for Weight Watchers

Use this Weight Watchers Walmart shopping list for the next time you stock up on healthy snacks at Walmart to get the best items to stay within your points, lose weight, and stay satisfied.

Walmart is a great place to get some amazing deals on grocery items and you would be surprised to discover just how many WW points-friendly foods are available.

What are the Best WW Foods to Buy at Walmart?

Walmart is a store that is widely available so you’ll likely find one in your area. If you travel, knowing which foods are available at Walmart will help you find foods that are tasty and points-friendly. Plus, Walmart is for the frugal person who needs to stick to a budget during this challenging financial times.

What’s Healthy to Eat at Walmart?

When it comes to grocery shopping with Weight Watchers in mind, start with the healthy living basics that are on the Weight Watchers zero points food list:

  • Vegetables like baby carrots, salad mixes, cucumbers, cauliflower green beans and more. Fresh or frozen are both great options.
  • Fruits like apples, bananas, grapes, applesauce, and berries are available for great prices. Pick up frozen fruit for times when fresh is not looking the best or is out of season and expensive.
  • Lean meat like chicken, turkey, ground turkey or chicken breast.
  • Non-fat dairy like non-fat, plain Greek yogurt.
  • Corn and popcorn which includes fresh, canned and frozen corn and plain popcorn that can be air-popped in a popper or the microwave.
  • Beans like canned kidney beans or chickpeas to eat as sides or add to salads. (Look for low sodium to make them healthier.)

Note that these are the zero point foods for regular membership, but some have points with the WW diabetes plan.

Walmart provides the lowest prices for many of these foods.

While not zero points on the WW Plan for 2024, these are still low in points and healthy foods to add to your diet regularly:

  • Whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and quinoa.
  • Oatmeal like old fashioned or steel-cut.
  • Potatoes like red, yellow, white and sweet potatoes.

Then add some of the following snacks, prepared foods and treats with your daily points or weekly flex points. These are low calorie snacks that will help you lose weight, so don’t feel like you can’t enjoy a treat now and then.

Consider picking up some 100 calorie snack packs of nuts or trail mix for healthy fat and no added sugar. Consider a few small servings of dark chocolate for the healthy benefits (like antioxidants) and flavor.

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