Trump Advises Rally-Goers: ‘Avoid Fictional Characters at All Costs

Trump Advises Rally Goers Avoid Fictional Characters at All Costs

Trump Issues Warning Against Dinner with Fictional Character at Chesapeake Rally

Former President Donald Trump delivered a cautionary message to supporters at a rally in Chesapeake, Virginia, urging them to avoid dining with a fictional character from the 1991 film “Silence of the Lambs,” which he referred to as “Silence of the Lamb.”

Celebrating what he deemed a victorious debate performance against President Joe Biden, Trump veered into familiar territory by praising Hannibal Lecter, the cannibalistic serial killer portrayed by Anthony Hopkins in the movie. This time, however, Trump escalated his remarks to caution his audience against socializing with the character.

“Coming from prisons, jails, mental institutions, and insane asylums like Silence of the Lamb,” Trump remarked, referring to undocumented immigrants entering the U.S. “If he suggests, ‘I’d like to have you for dinner,’ don’t go.”

He invoked a famous line from the film’s conclusion where Lecter ominously states, “I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

Trump previously referenced Hannibal Lecter at another rally, highlighting the character’s penchant for hosting guests as a darkly humorous analogy.

“Remember the last scene? ‘Excuse me. I’m about to have a friend for dinner,’ as this poor doctor walked by,” Trump recounted, emphasizing Lecter’s notorious charm. “Congratulations to the late, great Hannibal Lecter.”

The remarks, blending Trump’s trademark rhetoric with cinematic references, added a colorful twist to his rally address, underscoring his ongoing efforts to rally support and critique immigration policies.

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