Rallying Back: Biden Confronts Debate Criticism, Launches Counterattack on Trump

Rallying Back: Biden Confronts Debate Criticism, Launches Counterattack on Trump

Biden Energizes Crowd in Raleigh, Addresses Debate Criticism

President Joe Biden rallied supporters in Raleigh, North Carolina, just hours after his widely scrutinized performance in the presidential debate against former President Donald Trump. Despite criticism, Biden reassured supporters that he remains committed to his candidacy and forthcoming debates.

Addressing a spirited crowd, Biden acknowledged his age and physical limitations but emphasized his steadfast moral compass and experience fit for the presidency.

“Folks, I may not move as swiftly or speak as smoothly as I once did, but I know how to lead. I know the difference between right and wrong,” Biden declared to enthusiastic cheers. “When you’re knocked down, you get back up—I know that, and so do millions of Americans.”

The rally echoed with chants of “Four more years,” underscoring strong support for Biden and included remarks from First Lady Jill Biden, who defended her husband’s debate performance as truthful and principled.

During his address, Biden rebutted Trump’s claims from the debate, particularly focusing on the economy, immigration, and crime, labeling Trump’s assertions as false. He highlighted Trump’s legal troubles and criticized his stance on abortion rights, promising to defend Roe v. Wade if reelected.

“I spent 90 minutes on stage with a man of questionable morals,” Biden remarked, referring to Trump. “Last night, he set a new record for lies in a debate.”

Earlier, upon landing in Raleigh, Biden interacted with supporters and local Democratic leaders, including State Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue, underscoring his continued outreach and campaign efforts.

As Biden moves forward, he remains resolute in his campaign promises and readiness to face future challenges, despite the debate setback.

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