Slimming World VS Weight Watchers


Slimming World. Weight Watchers. Basically diets. They’re the bane of my bloody life. I hate they way when you’re sitting there about to open your 10th bag of crisps and your diet’s all there like “Are you sure you wanna eat that you actual hippo?”

I will be the first to admit that me and diets don’t tend to see eye to eye. I have this problem you see, I love food. Ask anyone who knows me and they can probably reel off a list of about 5 of my favourites. I also know the effect this has on me and my lifestyle and things have to change. So I am going to choose one and stick with it. Thing is, I don’t know which one will suit me. So Slimming World or Weight Watchers.


The thing which appeals to me about Slimming World is you can eat loads! Pretty much until you feel full and that seems to be the point of it. There are good (free) foods and not so good (syn foods). You need to get your portion sizes pretty spot on but other than that it all seems pretty, dare I say, easy!


Weight Watchers seems to be all about counting points. You are allocated so many points to eat and as long as you stick with that you will lose weight. Although saying this, there is a no count option for those (like me) who hate measuring, weighing or counting anything!

Points or Syns?

With WW you get your daily allowance of points which is calculated based on the information you give to your representative or online and may change week to week depending on your weight loss. With SW you are allowed a maximum of 15 Syns a day (for a woman) and 25 (for a man). And you are encouraged to limit them at your own discretion to help with your weight loss. Basically, everything that you eat that isn’t free needs to be accounted for with your points or Syns. Both apps will tell you the value of the items your eating, but as it currently stands, WW is the only app which will allow you to log your points and food on the app itself; meaning you can tally up your foods and work out your allowances without filling in a form or keeping an alternative diary.


A few years back along with my sister we went to a Slimming World meeting and for a few weeks, we did lose weight. We continued to go until a couple of weeks before Christmas and we lost our mojo a bit. Christmas came and went, and the weight crept back up! Soon here we are, a few years later wishing that I had stopped the journey, I would have been at Target by now and probably a lot more confident in myself.

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