Media Missed It, But We Didn’t: The Untold Story Shaking American Politics

Media Missed It, But We Didn't: The Untold Story Shaking American Politics

‘How Did the Media Miss the Biggest Story in American Politics?’ Some of Us Didn’t!

Over at Semafor, a new podcast episode poses an eye-opening question: HOW DID WE GET HERE?

How did the media miss the biggest story in American politics? Many journalists were stunned by Joe Biden’s decline, vividly showcased on the debate stage. But how could the American media fail to clearly see the President of the United States? Did we ask the wrong questions, fall for White House spin, or, as some Republicans claim, engage in a cover-up?

In this emergency podcast, Nayeema, Ben, and Max separate conspiracy from reality, addressing everything from “Weekend at Bernie’s theories” to Jill Biden’s role.

Do you notice a recurring pattern in American media?

  • “How did we miss that Covid was dangerous to the elderly and immunocompromised, but much less dangerous to the young and healthy?”
  • “How did we miss that closing public schools for at least a year would be catastrophic to children’s education and development?”
  • “How did we miss that the lab leak theory wasn’t a crazy conspiracy or racism?”
  • “How did we miss that the Hunter Biden laptop was real?”
  • “How did we miss virulent antisemitism spreading on America’s college campuses?”
  • “How did we miss that Joe Biden is too old to function as president?”

The clearest answer might be that many in the major mainstream media are not doing their jobs well. Instead of asking, “What’s going on in the world, and what do my readers, viewers, or listeners need to know about it?” they wake up every morning asking, “How can I convince people that Democrats are good and Republicans are bad?”

Tune in to the Semafor podcast as Nayeema, Ben, and Max tackle these pressing questions and shed light on the gaps in mainstream media coverage.

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