7 Tips To Ensure That Slimming World Will Work For You

7 Tips To Ensure That Slimming World Will Work For You

1. Find a group that suits you – and STAY after you’ve weighed.

A group is one of the vital success factors in your Slimming World journey. They will be your support in times of difficulties. Finding a group which is as friendly and warm is enough motivation to keep going.

2. Include your family.

Cook for the whole family instead of going solo. By cooking healthy dishes for the whole family, you don’t only invest in yourself but everyone gets the same health benefits you get from food optimizing. The healthy cooking will then rub off on your children and life in the kitchen would be easier for you.

3. Use your syns – But check them too!

With Slimming World, you don’t have to cut out from your diet your favorite treats. The slimming world app has a food search function so you can check the syn value of most things in an instant.

You can have up to 15 syns a day or 105 across the week so if you need to borrow some from other days, do so. The moment that you suppress your cravings is the moment that you’ll most like have a binge on your plan.

4. Need for speed.

Eating your greens is important. Speed foods are very low in energy density meaning while they are filling, they aren’t high in calories. It’s recommended that you have at least one-third of your plate full of speed foods. You can store frozen vegetable in the fridge to make sure that you don’t run out of speed foods. You can just steam them for every meal and it won’t even take a lot of time.

5. Get online.

Find a facebook group, hunt for recipe ideas and useful tips on the web. They will serve as an inspiration and a boost when you’re feeling a little sidetracked.

6. Meal plan!

Listing down your meals ahead of time will do you wonders. It will keep you within the plan and would prevent you from getting bored of the usual meals. You would shop for only the ingredients that you need and keep away from unhealthy ones. Try to involve the whole family too. Let them all pick their favourite meal for one night of the week each. At least if they don’t like Monday dinner, they might be excited knowing that Thursday is their choice.

7. Try new things.

Yes, you can have a week thats amazing for you but if you repeat the week constantly, it will become monotonous and boring and your weight loss will slow down. Mix it up. Have an SP day or week maybe. Find a recipe in the latest magazine you’d like to try.

Those online groups I mentioned? Get on them. Look at what other people are eating and try it yourself. You might find your new favourite meal! Always using the healthy B choice for your weetabix? Have a bacon sarnie instead with some grilled tomatoes. Or have a slimming world fry up and use the B choice on a couple of hifi bars in the evening. Look at what you do and do something completely different every now and then.

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