“Global Media Insights on the Biden-Trump Debate: An International Perspective”

Biden-Trump debate

Global Reactions to the U.S. Presidential Debate

The U.S. presidential election results have significant implications for allies and adversaries around the world. The recent debate between President Biden and former President Trump drew international attention, highlighting global priorities and viewpoints. Here’s a snapshot of how international media covered the debate:

United Kingdom: The Times of London and The Guardian

  • The Times of London (right-leaning) featured three stories on its homepage about the debate, highlighting key moments and Democratic concerns over Biden’s performance. One article was a commentary, and another explored the possibility of replacing Biden as the Democratic candidate.
  • The Guardian (left-leaning) focused on Biden’s performance and his resistance to stepping down as the Democratic candidate. One headline read: “‘10 minutes to destroy a presidency’: how US and global media reviewed the Biden-Trump debate.”

France: Le Monde

Le Monde noted Biden’s “raspy and sometimes halting” speech and described Trump as “bombastic” and aggressive with personal attacks.

Germany: Der Spiegel

Der Spiegel’s coverage included a fact check, an editorial, and reactions from German politicians. Key reactions included:

  • Norbert Röttgen (Christian Democratic Union): “This night will not be forgotten. The Democrats must now change course.”
  • Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann (European Parliament): Urged the Democrats to replace Biden to prevent Trump’s re-election.
  • Michael Link (FDP party): Criticized Biden’s unclear presentation despite important facts.

Ukraine: Kyiv Post

Kyiv Post’s coverage was limited to an editorial analyzing other media reactions, noting no significant changes in Biden or Trump’s stance on the war in Ukraine.

Russia: RIA Novosti

Russia’s state-run RIA Novosti covered the debate briefly, emphasizing Democratic officials’ discussions about potentially replacing Biden.

Israel: Haaretz

Haaretz labeled the debate a “sad night for America,” focusing on discussions about the Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting Israel’s significant role in the upcoming election.

South Korea: Yonhap News Agency

Yonhap described the debate as “rancorous,” focusing on the topics discussed like immigration, inflation, and foreign policy, with a brief mention of Biden’s “hoarse voice.”

Iran: IRNA

Iran’s state-run IRNA did not cover the U.S. debate, as the country was preoccupied with its own presidential election.

Nigeria: Punch Newspaper

Punch Newspaper used AFP News agency reporting, with the headline: “Biden struggles in fiery debate with Trump.”

Mexico: El Universal

El Universal’s coverage focused on Biden’s performance and Trump’s emphasis on immigration. Labeling Trump the winner, the paper noted Biden’s “erratic statements” and “hoarse, weak voice,” while also highlighting Trump’s strategy to undermine Biden’s competence.

This diverse international coverage provides a glimpse into global perspectives on the U.S. presidential debate, reflecting varying priorities and concerns across different regions.

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